Black Rhodium Samba

380,00 €

Livraison offerte en France Metropolitaine

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Black Rhodium Samba est un câble pour enceintes qui procure une écoute rapide et précise. Des connecteurs Haut de Gamme "locking" plaqués or Black Rhodium permettent d'excellents contacts.

Votre système audio est légérement "introverti" le Samba lui rendra sa vista originelle.

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Black Rhodium


  • Câble fabriqué en Angleterre
  • Low impedance high cross section conductor wire for superior low frequency response and stereo imaging
  • Silicone rubber insulation for accurate portrayal of the leading edges and decays in music
  • Silver plated copper conductors for greater clarity of sound
  • Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent superior stereo imaging and low background noise.
  • Samba is twisted along the length of the cable to prevent the loop "aerial" effect to prevent audible distortion to sound quality
  • Double the thickness of insulation compared to previous Black Rhodium speaker cables to deliver a more natural sound
  • Terminated with our high end rhodium plated locking banana plugs for premium sound quality