Black Rhodium Oratorio DCT++ CS

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Câble de modulation en terminaisons RCA ou XLR très Haut de Gamme proposant une écoute rapise, précise, cisellée et neutre.

Ce câble cryogénisé en argent à 99,99% s'accorde à merveille aux électroniques haut de Gamme neutres et musicales.

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Black Rhodium

L'avis de nos experts

  • Fabrication
  • Image
  • Timbres
  • Dynamique
  • Transparence
  • Rapport qualité/prix
  • Cable hand assembled in England
  • 99.99% Pure Silver conductors for superior clarity of sound
  • Low loss PTFE inner insulation designed for clearer beat and rhythm of music
  • Double silver plated copper braided screen for superior RFI & noise rejection
  • Advanced quality control of the wire direction in the assembly process to ensure consistent superior stereo imaging and low background noise
  • Internal silver wire is treated with our DCT++ treatment, improving depth, clarity and timing.
  • The complete terminated cable is then treated with a batch of Deep Cryogenic Treatment, in addition to our exclusive Crystal Sound process. This brings further improvements to the DCT++ process, whilst also adds increased power and weight to bass notes, creating a greater sense of realism